• Add Product

    You Can join FINEMINDS MARKETING SOLUTIONS by purchasing its add product.Our Add product will cost you just Rs.200. In this product, you will get 4 free advertise package of posting Classified Adds. Every posted add will be live on our website for next 5 days. Once purchased add product can be used by you anytime you wish to use.

  • Yearly Income

  • You can make an earning of Rs. 6,55,320 on every single I.D. worth Rs.200 only. You have to renew your I.D. every year so you will get this income every year. In addition you will earn One time Bonus Income of Rs. 1,600/- on completing your specific Levels.

    Level No. Of Joinings Income Per Joinings Bonus Income Income Earned
    Level 1 4 Joinings Rs. 30/- Per Joinings Rs. 50/- Rs. 170/-
    Level 2 16 Joinings Rs. 30/- Per Joinings Rs. 100/- Rs. 580/-
    Level 3 64 Joinings Rs. 30/- Per Joinings Rs. 150/- Rs. 2070/-
    Level 4 256 Joinings Rs. 30/- Per Joinings Rs. 200/- Rs. 7,880/-
    Level 5 1,024 Joinings Rs. 30/- Per Joinings Rs. 250/- Rs. 30,970/-
    Level 6 4,096 Joinings Rs. 30/- Per Joinings Rs. 350/- Rs. 1,23,230/-
    Level 7 16,384 Joinings Rs. 30/- Per Joinings Rs. 500/- Rs. 4,92,020/-
    In Addition, u will get 3% of all Upgradation & Top-Up made by members working in Seven Levels.

  • Upgradation Of User ID

  • If you are join with pin worth Rs. 200 , then you will earn 2% monthly for 100 months as Non-Working Income. You can upgrade your ID, anytime for the Package of Rs.500 to give you monthly income of 15% for next 10 months.

    Members joined with Package of Rs. 500 can do instant view for Contact Details Of Ten Other Leaders Working with us as Free Of Cost.

  • Magic Income

  • Company Will Keep Rs. 30/- Separately From Every New Registration, Every Top-Up & Rs. 15/- Separately from Re-Sale of Product & Upgradation of User ID that will be Distributed Into All the Eligible Achiever Who has Make Joining from Their Control Panel on Daily Basis. Eligible Achiever are those members who have completed 4 Joinings worth Rs. 200 each under him. In addition, you have to put atleast two Ids on the same day to get Magic Income of that day.

  • Example (Magic Income)

  • No. Of New Joinings / Top-Up Re-Purchase of Product / Upgradation Of User ID Total Pool of Magic Income No. of New Joinings made by Eligible Achiever Magic Income Per Joining
    100 Joinings / Top-Up 100 Re-purchase / Upgradation Rs. 4,500/- 50 Joinings Rs. 90/-
    500 Joinings / Top-Up 300 Re-purchase / Upgradation Rs. 19,500/- 100 Joinings Rs. 195/-
    1000 Joinings / Top-Up 500 Re-purchase / Upgradation Rs. 37,500/- 150 Joinings Rs. 250/-

  • Terms & Conditons.

    >>> Product once sold is not returnable.
    >>> Every posted Add will be Live for five days only.
    >>> Seven Level Income is updated after every five days.
    >>> Magic Income is payable only if Ten Members Joined by you got there IDs Updated with Rs. 500 also. Otherwise, this income will remain Blocked.
    >>> Bonus Income is payable only on completing Specific Level and it is payable once in Life Time.
    >>> Bank withdrawl can be made in multiples of Rs. 250 only.
    >>> We can generate & transfer products pin [ REGISTRATION PINS ] from our 7 Level Income.
    >>> Every account registered with us is valid for 1 Year only. You can extend its validity by 1 Year on Re-Purchasing our Add Product.
    >>> Every member will get same level income on renewal or Re-Purchase of Product. So your income will be automatically increased every year.
    >>> Bank Withdrawl can be made on every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Its payment links will be send to you every Monday, Wednesday & Friday in your Control Panel.